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SHOCK – Senator Exposes Secret Plot To Destroy Trump…You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind It!

When you’re a powerful US Senator, you have many different avenues of approach when you feel the need to speak directly to the American people.

1. You can call a press conference
2. You can do an op-ed in the NYT or the WaPo
3. You can write a strongly-worded letter to the President and share it on your website
4. Or you can go on The View.

That’s right!

If you need to speak directly to the Liberal Housewives of America and play up the fact that you’re a very sweet, affectionate, loving, and caring man whose only hope is for the children, then queue up “Free Willy 2” and left the crocodile tears begin.

Now, we know the Democrats have been gunning for Trump ever since he was elected but apparently, Republicans want to stage a shocking coup as well…?

Senator Chuck Schumer decided to drop this little conspiratorial piece the other day:

Western Journalism:

“Let me put it like this: When you talk to Republicans quietly, you know, in the cloak room in the gym, they are having real problems with him. Now, very few, John McCain to his credit, but very few have had the courage to oppose him even though they know he’s doing a lot of things that are against what America is all about,” Schumer said.

“My prediction is, if he keeps on this path, which is likely, I don’t think he will change — within three, four months, you’ll see a whole lot of Republicans breaking with him. That’s the salvage of America. That’s the hope of America.

“A lot of the Republicans, they’re mainstream people. … They will feel they have no choice but to break with him,” he said.

Schumer said Trump’s Cabinet shows how Trump has done the opposite of what he said he would do during the campaign.

The cabinet is the worst cabinet I’ve seen in the history of America. Donald Trump campaigned on cleaning up Wall Street, on getting special interests and swamp out of the cabinet. We call his cabinet the Swamp Cabinet — billionaires and bankers. Totally against what he campaigned on,” Schumer said.

Billionaires and bankers? Did he happen to see Bill Clinton’s Cabinet when he was in office? Talk about money?

Democrats have already tried to put Trump under investigation for God knows what, and they really won’t stop until he’s gone. Seriously.

“The salvage of America?” Got news for you, liberals: He’s sitting in the White House right now.

Source: Western Journalism

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