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HOLY CRAP! – Senator Breaks Spygate Scandal WIDE OPEN…Even Trump Is REELING!

This whole wiretapping thing just won’t go away.

Maybe it’s because America is convinced the powers that be have too MUCH power, and they’re using it to spy on Americans. Recent WikiLeaks reports to that effect are just plain unsettling.

And political espionage is hardly anything new.

In fact, despite Democrats absolutely freaking out about President Donald Trump’s bombshell announcement that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration, lots of insiders and officials have said it’s more than feasible.

In fact, it’s probable.

Heck, just recently we heard the ex-CIA director say it almost definitely happened and Trump is right to reveal it. Now, yet another politician is stepping up and saying quite frankly, “Yes, it happened.”

This time it’s Senator Rand Paul, who said that despite FBI boss James Comey dismissing the idea a few days ago, surveillance is par for the course.

Via Western Journalism:

Everybody admits that somebody spied on Mike Flynn, and he was part of the Trump campaign. It sounds like what the president said has already been proven to be true.

Furthermore, Paul talked about the definition of “wiretapping” and reminded us that it’s not about planting “an old-fashioned bug on someone’s telephone.”

‘If you haven’t looked recently, most of our telephones don’t have wires,” Paul remarked, adding, ‘Wiretapping’ is a broad term for surveillance.’

Yes, the Michael Flynn unpleasantness continues to resound in the halls of the White House.

Just about everyone is convinced that even if Barack Obama wasn’t directly responsible for the surveillance, he and various members of his staff definitely knew about it.

Can you really blame our president for being paranoid?

Can you blame any U.S. citizen for that, at this point?

Source: Western Journalism

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