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LEAKED: 31 Senators Conspire To BETRAY This Country, And America Is In An UPROAR!

The American blue-collar worker should be respected.

Their government should respect them.

The LAST thing the government should do is take away jobs from hard-working citizens and give them to those outside this country, right? Haven’t we been screaming about this for years?

Well, wake up, America. It’s still happening and it’s even more disgusting than you might think.

President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to improve our economy. This includes a recent Exxon Mobil deal that will bring in another $20 billion, and the countless ways he’s going to cut costs.

And speaking of cutting unnecessary fat from the government, how’s about that proposed 50 percent slashing of the federal workforce? I know I cheered when I saw that.

Despite it all, it would appear that 31 Senators, both Republican and Democrat, have continued to work against the blue-collar American public.

Via Breitbart:

Thirty-one Democrats and Republican Senators are asking the Department of Homeland Security to maximize the use of blue-collar outsourcing visas so U.S. companies can import more foreign workers instead of recruiting, training and paying unskilled U.S. workers.

Yeah, you read that right.

The bottom line is that this is a concerted effort to import labor rather than give jobs to Americans born in this country. Unskilled labor is unskilled labor; there’s no reason whatsoever why we have to go over the border.

It just keeps getting worse for our blue-collar friends:

The request to Department of Homeland Security John Kelly also comes as a claimed shortage of H-2B is prompted recruiters to find, hire, train and retain some of the millions of young underemployed men and women who could fill the many low-status seasonal jobs in landscaping, golf course maintenance, cleanup in restaurants, seafood processing, and hotel cleaning which are often allocated to H-2B contract-workers.

Currently, “recruitment consultants” help employers hire “alternative workers” from American trade schools and Puerto Rico, and they’re further warning employers to raise salaries or LOSE workers…only to have them replaced with outside labor.

Of course, we all want to be compensated well for our efforts. But when the government continues to hamstring us in an effort to find cheap labor, we have to step in and say one word:


Recruit, train, and hire from within FIRST. If you still need help, look elsewhere, but not before. Simple.

Sources: Breitbart, Thom Tillis

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