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Sessions To Sanctuary City Leaders: You Had Your Chance To Obey, And NOW…

“There’s a kind of hush, all over the world tonight…”

When Herman’s Hermits sang that song in the 1960s, they were talking about love and it’s effect on people.

This latest “hush” has begun to affect certain governors and mayors all over the country.

By the word “certain,” I mean Liberal. It wasn’t too long ago that mayors like Rahm Emanuel were talking tough about illegals.

Emanuel, who is the mayor of Chicago, was assuring his buddies in the mainstream media that he would fight Trump on this issue.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has made a similar vow, though it seems the NYPD would rather obey the law and work with ICE. Gotta love that.

For his part, Trump has been adamant about keeping illegals out of the country and his newly-appointed Attorney General agrees.

Conservative Tribune:

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat down with Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox News and discussed how the Trump administration planned to deal with sanctuary cities that want to fight the federal government to prevent detention of illegal immigrants, and those plans were something liberals will not want to hear.

‘We’re going to put pressure on these cities,’ Sessions said Saturday on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine.’

We’re going to battle them every step of the way,’ he added.


Sessions reiterated that he would withhold grant money from sanctuary cities that ignore federal immigration laws and said mayors of sanctuary cities needed to listen to their constituents, because residents don’t want criminal illegal immigrants to remain in their cities.

Sessions also point out that President Donald Trump’s tough stance on illegals has already reaped benefits, noting that March had the lowest number of illegal aliens attempting to enter the country in 17 years.

The most important fact to note here, however, is that all those tough-talking heads of government are now singing a different tune.

Recently, many of these sanctuary city leaders were complaining about their funding disappearing.  The tough tone was absent and the whining was front-and-center.

Goes to show what a REAL Attorney General does when he’s working for the American people and not for an activist president.

Are you listening, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch?

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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