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Sharia-Loving Muslim Whines On Live TV, Then 1 Badass Politician Lights Her Up

While the immigration battle in the United States is currently a defining issue, it’s still not quite as bad as some other Western nations.

In Europe and Australia, immigrants are largely Muslim; they create insular communities and attack the native population over their supposed “lack of tolerance.”

They have the gall to come into our nations and whine, demanding all sorts of privileges and special treatment. It’s quite the sight to see, even more so to watch the West capitulate to them.

Making it more difficult are the speech restrictions many of these nations impose on citizens, making it illegal to criticize any of the Left’s pet groups.

But despite all the cultural pressure and State threats, there are still some brave politicians who care more about their countries than they do being called bigots and racists.

As reported at Yes I’m Right, at a recent Q&A between Jacqui Lambie, a Tasmanian senator that supports Trump’s views, went nuclear, telling Muslims to “stop playing the victim.

Lambie is well-known for her vocal support of restricting Sharia Law lovers from immigrating to Australia, but her view of putting her people first has drawn a lot of criticism from leftists.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, the woman with whom Lambie was arguing, works for the the UN’s Youth Without Borders (you can’t make this up), and the two got into a shouting match, with Yassmin predictably pulling out the “you don’t know enough about Islam card.”

She then proceeded to claim Lambie was ignorant of Sharia Law and the historical struggle of Muslim women for equal rights, saying she was dismayed “when people go around dissing my faith without knowing about it.

Isn’t it funny how this feeling is never expressed in the reverse? Okay, so we supposedly don’t know the truth about Islam and are ignorant about it.

Well, if that’s true, then why isn’t it/can’t it be true that these Muslim immigrants don’t understand our values and culture?

Despite Yassmin’s insults of Lambie’s intelligence, the senator called for the deportation of “anyone who supports sharia law in this country.

There is one law in this country and it is the Australian law … it is not sharia law, not in this country. Not in my day.


Yassmin went on to whine about Trump’s rhetoric, saying it suggested “I am a terrorist” because of her birth country, claiming that such “frightening” words are similar to those used in the lead-up to WWII.

Talk about hyperbole.

Yes, it’s so crazy that countries that have values antithetical to your own want to look after their own before letting you in to reap the rewards of the society they created.

It’s so arrogant and selfish to expect others to bend over backwards for you. Really, it’s truly maddening.

Sharia lovers shouldn’t be allowed to step foot in any Western nation; they’re a threat and have no place in such cultures. To suggest otherwise is plain wrong–and suicidal.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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