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Leaked – REVOLTING Skeleton Tumbles Out Of Pelosi’s Closet…Even Liberals Are Horrified!

Nancy Pelosi might be coming apart at the seams.

Not only does she appear to be mentally ill, but now we’re starting to learn about some of her more disturbing connections.

In fact, this is a colossal embarrassment for the entire Democratic Party.

It’s one thing to be involved via donations with questionable companies; it’s quite another thing when those donations are coming from criminals. And it’s the KIND of criminal that’ll freak you out…

The question has now arisen:

Did Nancy Pelosi have her hands in the California law known as CA. SB 1322, which decriminalized child prostitution?

According to an explosive new piece of investigative journalism, Pelosi advocated through one of her organizations the donating of tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of the child prostitution industry.

Yes, really.

There is ample evidence to suggest that she was one of a number of high-ranking Democrat officials to have placed her mark of approval on multiple donations to the Democrat Party through a nefarious enterprise.

MAD World News:

The House Minority Leader has been caught with ties to underage trafficking and prostitution, for which she looks to have profited quite handsomely, and the details are disturbing.

A political action committee backed by Nancy Pelosi has been caught taking funds from the co-owner of a website linked to underage trafficking and prostitution.


James Larkin, the co-owner of, made a generous $10,000 contribution last year to the House Majority PAC. Created in 2011, the PAC aims to ‘answer the barrage of GOP outside spending’ and help Democrats regain seats in the House of Representatives.

Legal troubles started to mount against Backpage when the site began accepting prostitution advertisements that included postings for sex with underage girls.

A 2012 study conducted by Arizona State University and the Phoenix Police Department found that nearly 80 percent of the advertisements posted to Backpage involved prostitution. In Phoenix alone, more than 900 ads for prostitution were found, including ads for underage girls.

As this underage prostitution scandal began heating up for Larkin and his co-owner, Michael G. Lacey, the pair responded by donating vast sums of money to the Democratic Party and Democrats running for office.”

A wide-ranging variety of Democrat organizations profited from this association and it is now clear that Pelosi wanted this kept secret.

Remember when she was asked who the Democratic Party leader was, and she totally froze? Maybe she knows secrets about the Party with which even SHE doesn’t wish to be associated.

Time for retirement, Nancy!

Source:  MAD World News

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