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This Is What Happened When A Smug Muslim Used The BIBLE To Defend SHARIA LAW…

The Islam apologists are shamelessly willing to go to the plate without a bat.

As Barack Obama did only two years ago, the apologists typically will absolve Islam of all its horrid atrocities by comparing it to both Judaism and Christianity.

As is always the problem, though, their argument unravels when the obvious is pointed out:

Christianity ended its inquisition over five centuries ago, but Islam continues to be invoked for terror.

Linda Sarsour is one of these apologists for Islam, and she recently got into a very nasty argument with detractors after she displayed her total lack of knowledge of the Bible and the Torah.

The Blaze:

Shariah law advocate Linda Sarsour, who is also a leader in the ‘resistance’ movement against President Donald Trump, invoked the Bible and Torah on Saturday to defend Islam.

On Saturday, demonstrators took to streets across the country in organized anti-Shariah law protests.

Of course, they were met with counter protesters who called them racist and ‘Islamophobic.’

But Sarsour spent the day replying to people on Twitter who derided Shariah law as a system of law that oppresses women and homosexuals — two groups of people Sarsour vows to defend.

…Sarsour typically accuses her critics of not reading the Qur’an to understand the Islamic view on issues such as homosexuality.

But her decision to invoke the Torah, and more importantly the Bible, indicates that she, too, hasn’t read them or doesn’t truly understand what they say about issues like homosexuality.”

Lastly, you will note that Sarsour’s Twitter page is plastered with people in “Stay Woke” T-shirts.

That should tell you everything you need to know about this asinine movement.

Source: The Blaze

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