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After Snowflake Brats Insult VP Pence, One Badass Cowboy Fires Off 7 PERFECT Words

When I was a kid in school, if there was a speaker coming to visit, be it the mayor or a past alum, you were warned:

“Do not embarrass the school. Show respect.”

Of course, we always did. It was a given that you showed respect whether or not you disagreed with the subject matter.

In the world of schooling today, there a much different mindset. Students are taught that the more disrespect you show, the more the teachers will praise you.

Sometimes, they even encourage violent resistance and breaking the law (which we’ve seen on more than one occasion).

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that a bunch of Notre Dame students walked out on the commencement speech given by Vice President Mike Pence.

With the event trending on social media and just about every news source around the country, it’s safe to say that students of Notre Dame were successful in what they set out to do.

Unfortunately for the misguided graduates, all that attention wasn’t positive by any means. In fact, it wasn’t long before people all across America were calling them everything from disrespectful to entitled brats.

And one badass Texas cowboy absolutely agrees.

Popular social media personality Chad Prather delivered some serious backlash, as he had a few brutal words for these childish punks:

Employers…go find the video of the college grads at Notre Dame walking out on the vice president’s commencement speech.

Remember their faces and don’t make the mistake of hiring them.

Of course, he wasn’t done there.

Prather went on to say that if his children had ever turned their backs on Joe Biden when he came to visit and speak, there would’ve been hell to pay.

Gee, sounds like an awfully EQUAL viewpoint, doesn’t it?

The fact that this level of disrespect in schools didn’t happen until it was the Liberals’ turn to deal with disappointment is telling. Hypocrites, all.

Maybe they need a bit of military training to understand the word, “respect.”

Source:  MAD World News

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