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Hey, Snowflakes: Liberal Anti-Trump Losers Who Block Traffic Might Feel SERIOUS Pain…

It has been a colossal mess out there.

The disgusting Berkeley riots, which resulted in heavy FBI involvement on multiple levels, is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Radical left-wing liberals have been shocking Americans with their terrifying hostility and violence for months now. Every time you turn around…

The stunningly racist meltdown on the street in front of Judge Jeanine is merely one example, as was the Democrat politician who said it was “her job to shut down white people.”

At some point, we just have to stop these people.

And if you’re like most in working class America, you’re probably fed up with this insanity, right?

Well, it doesn’t look like it’ll end any time soon (rabid leftists have nothing better to do, remember), so after wasting all their lighter fluid and seeking alternate displays of angst, they’ve decided to start blocking streets and roadways. The more heavily traveled, the better.

What a joy for commuters it is. Here you are, just trying to make it to WORK and then, inexplicably, traffic stops.

And there are the snowflakes, the kind who have the luxury of not working because they either live with Mom and Dad, or live off George Soros money, or live off taxpayer dimes.

You know – the same dimes you’re actually trying to make but can’t because of the little snowflakes blocking your path. Yeah…well, take THIS:

“A new Tennessee bill addresses protesters who block traffic. Under the proposal, if a person is blocking traffic during a protest or demonstration – and a driver hits them, the protester would not be able to sue the driver in civil court for any injuries.

The bill says a driver would not be immune from civil liability – if the actions leading up to injuries were willful,” Allen B. West reported, citing a News Channel 9 report.

Okay, that’s just a happy image, right there.

It almost doesn’t even matter if the bill passes, that’s how happy the mental picture of a frustrated driver plowing into a loud-mouth Millennial is.

Of course, it’s not nice to advocate violence. And it’s equally un-nice to laugh at violence. Right? Yes, that seems like it should be right.

But when the moral compass of some are so skewed, like with these clueless anti-Trump protesters, it truly is hard to dredge up sympathy if they’re nicked by a commuting driver. I’m not suggesting aiming for them or anything. But a little nick, while easing on into first gear?

Well, accidents do indeed happen. Oopsie.

Source: Allen B. West


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