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These U.S. Soldiers Could’ve Taken The Day Off…But They Decided To CHANGE LIVES Instead

Sometimes we forget the number of skills that are required for our military to function at a high level.

We always think of infantry soldiers and Marines as well as the crews on aircraft and naval ships.

Those roles might be the most obvious, but they are very far from a complete catalog of military skills. Soldiers need to have quite the Rolodex of abilities.

For example, during World War II, the United States Naval Construction Battalions known as the Seabees were invaluable in building air strips and structures on islands in the Pacific.

These same skills exist within our military today.

These skills, combined with a terrific attitude of service, motivated sailors and marines to spend part of “Fleet Week” using those skills to support Habitat for Humanity.

They could’ve taken it easy and celebrated but instead, they opted to continue their service to their country and communities.

Via Independent Journal Review:

“While Fleet Week is filled with ship tours and fun events, some service members opted to spend time giving back to their host’s community.

According to the organization’s Instagram, 150 Marines and seamen joined Habitat for Humanity for a two-day citywide event to build houses and help a community center.

“Coordinator Jennifer Schwerin told the New York Daily News that participation wasn’t required and that they had more military volunteers than there were spots to fill. She added, ‘They wanted to be here for the day, which I think was really amazing.'”

And the leaders of Habitat for Humanity noted the quality of the work of these sailors and marines.

“Their contribution certainly didn’t go unnoticed, and Shwerin told the New York Daily News:

They get more done in a day than we typically do in a week.

They wanted to work through lunch. They want to get it done. They felt really strongly about what they were doing here.'”

When you think about it, this really comes as no surprise.

Nobody is required in the U.S. to serve in the military. Everyone is a volunteer, doing the job because they wish to, not because it is forced on them by a military draft.

Since these brave men and women have already chosen to serve their country in the military, it’s natural for those with such a disposition to serve in other ways.

And so they have.

It’s not the only example of volunteers paying tribute to our heroes, either. We love to find such things on Memorial Day!

Sources: Independent Journal Review, New York Daily News

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