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Son With Incurable Disease Kept Assaulting His Parents…Now They’re Forced To Do The UNTHINKABLE

You will do anything to protect your children.

Parents are often the cause of harm and injury, unfortunately, but at least that can be prevented and controlled.

However, when an incurable disease is at the core of the child’s suffering, parents are faced with extraordinarily difficult decisions.

In Charles County, Missouri, one family is bravely talking about their story of raising an autistic child, and all the pain that goes along with it.

This is an especially sad story because in this case, there is no happy ending.

A little boy is diagnosed with autism at the very young age of one and as he grew, he started to exhibit very aggressive behavior.

He is now fourteen and the father says he has simply become unmanageable. This, from Independent Journal Review:

The boy’s father, Norval Wallen, explained to KMOV that his son had developmental challenges and also exhibited aggressive behavior:

‘He would just sit up, bright and cheerful. Happy and smiling…not anymore. […] By the age of 3 or 4 he would take a TV remote and crack it over his sister’s head.’

As he grew older, despite various treatments and medications, the boy’s aggression only got worse.

The Wallens admitted that their son’s behavior became so violent that they began to fear for their lives.

Norval told KMOV that they would call police for reinforcement often.

The family sustained all sorts of injuries at the hands of their damaged son, including broken bones and fingers, and even torn eye retinas.

The state did little to help so eventually, the parents were forced to make a decision that no parent should EVER have to make:

They’re giving up their son.

Said Norval:

The state wants us to wait until he’s age 18 to place him outside the home. But one of us will be dead before then.

The parents are hoping to remain a part of their son’s life but it’s going to be a challenge.

Again, this isn’t some terrible thing that happened outside the home, at the hands of strange villains. This is nobody’s fault and yet, people still suffer.

Here’s hoping doctors find better ways to deal with autism…perhaps we should even hope for a cure.

Source: Independent Journal Review, KMOV

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