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SICK! Spanish Teacher Blindfolds Students, Then FORCES Them To Commit 1 HIDEOUS Act

Welcome to public school in America.

It’s bad enough that we have awards for illegal aliens (after which they go on social media and reveal their true colors).

Now we have “progressive” radical liberal teachers jamming their agenda down our children’s throats.

You may recall the California middle school teacher who actively recruited students into her despicable anti-American organization. And, by the way, she still has a job (it’s California, after all).

Well, now we have a teacher who decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by blindfolding his students and forcing them to do something so sick, that most Americans are absolutely incensed.

This, from Western Journalism:

A high school teacher in Colorado has been placed on paid administrative leave after she allowed her students to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by beating a piñata with a photo of President Donald Trump on it.

Pictures of the May 5 incident were posted on Facebook by an angry parent, prompting the school district to place the unnamed Spanish teacher on administrative leave as they conduct an investigation into the event.

This happened on school grounds, of course. And here’s the furious post by the concerned parent, who admitted she didn’t vote for Trump but also correctly said that it was extremely disrespectful.

Thankfully, the school agreed; Weld County RE-5J Superintendent Martin Foster offered the following statement:

This is precisely why homeschooling is a great idea for many parents. The American school system is so out of control, so overrun by these anti-American NAZIS, that our kids don’t stand a chance.

After running the brainwashing gauntlet in elementary, middle, and high school, they go into college…a veritable breeding ground for Leftist thugs who are hostile, mindless, and INSANE.

Oh yes, our education system is in great shape. ‘heavy sarcasm’

Source: Western Journalism

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