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KABOOM – Spy Scandal BLOWS UP in Obama’s Face, Trump Receives SHOCKING Evidence!

The Democrats have lost more than just the presidential election…they seem to have lost their moorings.

Instead of putting forward a coherent set of policies as an alternative to those of President Trump, they have resorted to making allegations of illegal campaign tactics. You know, like, “The Russians did it!”

No matter how many times that particular theory gets shot in the head, liberals keep spouting the same rhetoric. Maybe it’s because they really are out of ideas.

As such, they have engaged in a campaign of obstruction and obfuscation. In terms of contributing to the government of the country, they are officially USELESS.

Not only have their allegations of corruption against the Trump administration gone nowhere, but now their efforts appear to be backfiring as there is evidence to support allegations that Obama actually did collect surveillance on Donald Trump and his team.

So what do we know at this point?

The Washington Examiner reports that, “House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., said Wednesday that new intelligence reports show some conversations involving members of President Trump’s transition team were collected by intelligence officials, but said those conversations appeared to be collected ‘legally’ in the course of ‘normal, foreign surveillance.'”

Note the lack of hysteria or sensationalism as Congressman Nunes reports the facts. Then contrast this reasoned approach to the wild, nonsensical rantings of Representatives Pelosi or Waters.

“‘I have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the President-elect and his team were, I guess at least monitored and disseminated out in intelligence, in what appears to be raw — or, I shouldn’t say raw — intelligence recording channels,’ Nunes said.”

It should be deeply troubling to learn that a president gathered intelligence information on his successor.

It raises questions as to whether he also gathered such information on Mr. Trump when he was a candidate. This would be especially problematic given that Mr. Obama naturally did not want Mr. Trump to win.


Would he have shared, or allowed others to make available, such information to Mrs. Clinton? …we’re guessing not.

Heck, we just heard The Supreme Court found Obama guilty of violating the Constitution, so should anybody be surprised at some shady surveillance?

When one goes around making serious allegations it creates an environment which encourages further investigations into related parties. When your own political house is inhabited by those who have made a career out of initiating and benefiting from corrupt practices, this becomes a dangerous activity indeed.

Perhaps the Democrats who have been viciously attacking President Trump need to relearn the lesson about glass houses and stone-throwing.

No politicians should be allowed to get away with corruption regardless of their political affiliation. Plain and simple.

Sources: Louder with Crowder, The Washington Examiner

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