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One State Just Legalized Hardcore Drugs For 1 Totally Insane Reason

What comes to mind when you hear the term, “racist?”

Slavery? Course jokes? Job discrimination? Stereotypes? Violence? Segregation? KKK? BLM? Race baiting?

You’re missing one.

It turns out that in Oregon, the legislature is adding another factor that it believes is connected to the practice of racism.

It’s probably not one you would have thought of. In fact, you might be shocked that this proposed legislation is a part of the fight against racism.

The Oregon legislature have legalized the possession of hard drugs on the grounds that the laws prohibiting this are racist.

If this sounds completely insane or you find yourself unable to make the connection between drug legalization and racism, Read on.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Legislators in Oregon passed a bill Thursday to decriminalize possession of small quantities of hardcore drugs, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and ecstasy.

In defending the bill, legislators then claimed that laws forbidding the possession of hardcore narcotics are racist.

“‘There is empirical evidence that there are certain things that follow race,’ Sen. Jackie Winters said during a hearing, according to The Lund Report, a news portal that focuses on Oregon-related health care issues.

‘We don’t like to look at the disparity in our prison system. It is institutional racism. We can pretend it doesn’t exist, but it does.'”

“State Rep. Tawna Sanchez added that Native Americans and blacks are significantly more likely to be arrested for drug possession than the average Oregon resident.”

Okay, so the proposed solution is not to help these people stay off the deadly drugs, but to allow them to continue in their addiction misery, just without the threat of a jail term so the prisons are more racially balanced.


What we have here is a terrific example of liberals claiming to want to help people, but going about it a preposterous way.

The TRULY compassionate solution is to find out why these minority communities are taking these deadly drugs, and help them get off them.

It’s counterproductive to simply legalize the drugs, thereby placing them in the grave as opposed to prison. As usual, liberals prove themselves to be nothing more than idiotic enablers.


“If signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, H.B. 2355 would specifically decriminalize possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and ecstasy ‘so long as an offender does not have any prior felonies or more than two prior drug convictions,’ according to The Lund Report.”

Since the possession and use of these drugs are to be made legal, then obviously those who import, manufacture, or market these drugs must be protected from prosecution as well.

After all, even a liberal would have to admit that if you are going to make owning something legal, you’re going to have to make the manufacture and distribution of that product legal as well.

As such, we are approaching the ultimate in legal and judicial absurdity.

Hopefully, this stays in Oregon so the rest of us can see more failed leftist policies at work, and make certain they are not imported into our states. Because of course, this will ultimately fail.

It’s called LOGIC.

Sources: Conservative Tribune, The Lund Report

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