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Breaking: MASSIVE Sting Operation Exposes DISGUSTING Welfare Scandal – Americans Are PISSED!

The idea of people not possessing even the most basic of human needs is deeply disturbing, especially in a nation as wealthy as ours.

Unfortunately, the government is seldom, if ever, a reasonable solution.

The numerous assistance programs have only resulted in stories of constant abuse, even from those who have absolutely no excuse. Something has to be done.

While private solutions are preferable to government-mandated ones, we have the food stamp program, supposedly for those who are at risk of going hungry.

But it hasn’t worked. One issue is determining who ACTUALLY is needy, and another is seeing that the designated benefits go to the correct people.

And when we found out what the #1 item “purchased” using food stamps was, well…it was just more proof that the system is broken.

It’s now called “SNAP” for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and that’s what it is supposed to do – provide extra food to those who are truly poor. But it’s just inundated with blatant fraud.

Hence, Operation Stampede. This, from Joe For America:

The bust from Operation Stampede/Cash Hungry in Florida involved more than $13 million in fraudulent food-stamp transactions.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, state and federal law enforcement conducted a joint identity theft investigation involving obtaining SNAP EBT cards with the stolen identities.”

What the merchants did was redeem SNAP benefits for cash after taking a cut. The recipient could then use that cash to buy anything. Of course, this is illegal on a number of scores.

“The stores — mostly in Opa-locka Hialeah Flea Market — would ring up food, but the customer “rarely” left with anything.


They would leave with cash, and the owner would pocket a cut. Ferrer said the scheme involved thousands of SNAP — Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — recipients.”

Not surprisingly, the Obama administration was not especially concerned about such fraud. No, that dude cost us BILLIONS in assistance money for the biggest leeches on the face of the earth.

As pointed out, “[w]elfare is supposed to be for the most very unfortunate of us to get back on their feet and get back into a productive society, but the last administration just made it a way of life for too many. And made it way to easy to make it a way of crime – that’s for sure. Hope it’s over!”

It’s unlikely that welfare fraud will be stamped out anytime soon — the programs that make up government transfer payments are just too numerous and enormous to expect crime to be eliminated, even with the best of enforcement actions.

Yet the fact that the Trump administration is working to actually enforce the laws rather than look the other way is such an improvement.

Yes, elections do have consequences.

Sources: Joe for America, Miami Herald

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