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Student DARES To Support President Trump, Then Radical Liberal NAZIS Blow A Gasket

When the inmates are running the asylum…

Campuses have been inundated in the last decade with students and faculty who are 100% adamantly ignorant of the right to Free Speech.

They misinterpret its intent, they misunderstand its tenets, and they mistake its purity for infringement.

There is not a single Liberal professor in the United States today who appears competently familiar with or comprehending of the history behind the right to this grand freedom.

Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that American History itself is being taught less and less within the public school atmosphere. And maybe it’s simply more insidious than that.

Maybe it has more to do with widespread brainwashing of an entire nation’s youth, which is downright terrifying.

Given the regime in question, we Conservatives have to revel in the little victories, don’t we?

Conservative Tribune:

“A University of South Alabama student, William David Meredith, had placed a Donald Trump/Mike Pence campaign sign in his room’s window to show his support for the president and vice president, much to the chagrin of the university’s community director, Dylan Lloyd.

Lloyd demanded Meredith remove the sign in an email obtained by Campus Reform saying the student had “24 hours” to do so…

In response to this demand, Meredith cited his free speech rights. Lloyd argued that the residence was a government building and could not display “political endorsements.”

This is where things get fun.

The student then argued that the sign endorsed the President of the United States, NOT the candidate. Since the campaign and election were over, this was no longer an issue dealing with candidates for office.


Not to be upstaged, Lloyd returned a salvo acknowledging the fact, but demanded that the sign still be removed!

He even got the Assistant Director of Housing, Amanda Freyaldenhoven, involved by having her schedule the student for a “Housing Judicial Conference,” in which Meredith could possibly be disciplined!

Thankfully, Michael Haskins, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at the university, saw disaster on the horizon and acted quickly.

He informed the student that there was no harm, no foul, and that the sign could be displayed. He also assured that both Lloyd and Freyaldenhoven had been instructed as to the proper interpretation and application of university policy.

Well, thank the Lord for clear heads and common sense! It still exists out there!

THAT’S the kind of leader we need on college campuses; having professors calling for Trump’s assassination absolutely cannot be tolerated. And it’s stomach-churning to boot.

Sources: Conservative Tribune, Campus Reform

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