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WATCH: Liberal Student Sets A Trap For Trey Gowdy…But It’s The Snowflake Who Gets BURNED!

How many of you remember the press-sabotage event in the tent in the Middle East when Donald Rumsfeld was set up with a rigged question?

Or when a very adoring press asked President Obama in a press conference, “How are you feeling?”

It’s embarrassing the level to which these Leftists sink in order to make themselves look better. It really is.

Of course, sometimes that sort of stuff comes back to haunt the press.

Who remembers Katie Couric and her famous 2nd Amendment Gun Rights report where she edited out the replies of the gun owners and sellers in order to make them appear stupid?

Trey Gowdy accepted an invitation to speak at a high school in South Carolina recently. And you know our schools…about as radically liberals as can possibly be, at this point.

How appropriate that a Leftist teacher in the school decided to plant an antagonistic and sarcastic question into one of the young seniors. This much was painfully obvious.

But Gowdy was ready for it…and it was caught on video!

MAD World News:

“Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) as speaking at the 2017 Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series conducted by the U.S. Marshals Museum in Fort Smith, Arkansas, when a liberal senior from local Greenland High School tried to make Gowdy look like a hypocrite in front of the crowd by asking about his support for the Patriot Act in 2015.

The response this kid received from the North Carolina Congressman was epic.

You do have the freedom of speech, you do have the right to have the government get a warrant in some instances, and jury trial and you do have the right to council and not a single one of those rights is much use to you if you are dead. So that’s how I look at it.

Liberals always revert to cheating when it comes to the arena of ideas.

If not for cheating, Liberals would never win another election.  Between stuffing ballot boxes with illegals, felons, dead people, and cartoon characters and loading up a debate forum with Leftist questioning panels, it’s no wonder they still can’t buy a clue.

The Liberal teacher who planted this question on the student should be drummed out of the school and made an example of; however, we all know that will never happen as long as the teacher’s union fights to keep the state government out of their affairs.

For their parts, they will continue to languish as students grow dumber and taxpayers grow poorer.

And all for a little bit of fame at the expense of a respected Congressman. Thank goodness Gowdy turned the tables!

Source:  MAD World News

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