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Taxpayers, You’re Shelling Out $1.2 BILLION Every YEAR…And Guess Who’s Getting It?

A statistic last month showed that 1 in 8 children in California schools are undocumented or have parents or relatives who are illegals.

The drain on the American taxpayer for this burden is immense and unnecessary. Yet, we are told that we are responsible for supporting them.

It is our job to pay for their schooling, their food stamps, their medical treatment, housing, and legal fees. What do we get out of this charity?

You guessed it: Zero.

Illegals are still not speaking English, they’re using false or stolen IDs or legal driver’s licenses for government assistance programs, they receive Medicaid, they’re given temporary housing, and they don’t have to pay their lawyers.

Wow, that’s a great deal! …well, for them.

Ad it appears that prisoners in our overcrowded lockups are getting a similar deal.


Nearly a quarter of the inmates in federal prisons were born outside the U.S., and more than half of those have final deportation orders, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.

The Justice Department published statistics on the prison population to comply with directives in President Donald Trump’s January executive order overhauling the immigration system.

The foreign-born prison population as of March 25 totals 45,493, or 24 percent of all federal inmates. Of that group, 3,939 now are American citizens. That leaves 41,554 inmates who remain citizens of foreign countries.

Some 22,541 of them, or 54.4 percent, have final orders to be deported once they’ve completed their sentences. Another 33.4 percent, 13,886, are under investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for possible deportation.”


And the cost of incarcerating these illegal aliens? $1.2 BILLION.

Had this been inside the Obama era, I suspect that the foreign-born would be released outright and free to go about their business in the United States. Or we’d just keep throwing money at them.

When Trump promised that he was going to clean up the broken immigration system, nobody really believed him.

Even the Conservatives were downplaying his promises, saying he would be in all kinds of trouble if he didn’t deliver.

Apparently, they really don’t know America – or Donald Trump – all that well. Illegal immigration is now at a 17-year-low and if our president has his way, it’ll just keep dropping.

Damn good thing, too. There are moths flying out of American wallets because of all these scum.

Source:  Polizette

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