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Teacher Who Had Sex With 15-Year-Old Just Got The Worst News Of Her Life

There are certain stories that are particularly disturbing to cover.

One category would be those that somehow involve children being injured or killed. It’s just difficult to write about, talk about, or even think about.

There is something about the violation of innocent children that is very difficult to come to terms with. But the news is the news, for better or worse.

Here is a person who was placed in a position of trust with children who violated that trust in an especially sickening way. We’ve seen this happen with clergy, teachers, and others.

As a result, these professions take a hit because a few of their members are grossly derelict in their responsibilities. There are no winners in such cases.

And unfortunately, both the children and parents pay the unspeakable toll.

This is the case of a female teacher in Oklahoma who was convicted of sexual relations with a 15-year old male student; she has just received her sentence from the judge, and it isn’t pretty.

From Fox News:

A former Oklahoma teacher who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for sex crimes with her teenage student was ordered to pay $1 million by federal judge.

“Jennifer Caswell, 31, will be in prison for the next several years and has no money to pay the boy, her attorney said.

“The former student and his father sued Caswell and the Hollis School District in 2015 over the sexual relationship, The Oklahoman reported.

“The school district agreed to pay $125,000 to settle claims that the boy’s school participated in covering the sexual abuse. It won’t be liable for the $1 million against Caswell.”

Perhaps justice was served in the criminal case, but it’s difficult to see the point of the civil case, other than the $125,000 the family of the victim will get.

The young man remains a victim for whom there is no complete remediation, and Caswell could never pay that million dollars back.

“An attorney for the teenage boy and his father said his clients sued because they wanted to bring attention to the problem of sexual abuse by teachers.”

Or they wanted to get some money.

Since we are already painfully aware of the problem of sexual abuse by teachers and clergy, the focus should be preventing such abuse, and in improving screening procedures to reduce the likelihood of such horrible offenses.

Talk of money seems almost irrelevant now, doesn’t it?

Sources: The OklahomanFox News

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