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Explosive: Ted Cruz Drops ATOMIC BOMB On Obama, UN…They’re Freaking Out!

Thank goodness for Sen. Ted Cruz.

This guy has been on an absolute roll lately; late last week, he announced a bill that many Americans cheered (and one we desperately need for the safety of our country) but he wasn’t about to stop there.

Now, in the wake of the recent United Nations unpleasantness, the controversial Senator has dropped another A-Bomb and this time, the entire world is gonna have to listen. If the UN wants to keep the money rolling in, they’ll listen, too.

Listen up, because Teddy here has drawn a line in the sand: Cruz has introduced a bill that simultaneously sides with Israel and face-slaps the United Nations, not to mention President Obama. And it’s just glorious.

It comes as a response to Obama’s failure to veto a UN measure that demands Israel stop building in the settlement areas; the resolution passed the United Nations 14-0. Israel condemned Obama’s inaction, seeing it as a betrayal of Israeli-American friendship and support.

And apparently, Cruz found it similarly treasonous.

Cruz and Sen. Lindsey Graham have now brought forward a bill to cut off all funding to the United Nations until the resolution condemning Israel’s settlement building is repealed. Specifically, the resolution calls the settlement builds a violation of international law.

“[Obama] betrayed decades of robust bipartisan American support for Israel” with his failure to veto this U.N. resolution, Cruz said, Right Wing News reported, citing the Hill. “Congress must hold the U.N. accountable and use our leverage as its largest contributor to push for the repeal of this resolution.”


And with Donald Trump, another Israel supporter, coming in the White House, the Cruz-Graham measure just might have a chance to pass. This would be a welcome move to much of American that has seen the U.N. corruption and anti-Israel bent through the years and struggled to understand why the United States is such a willing funding partner.

Whole movements have sprouted across America to get the country out of the United Nations, and to boot the U.N. headquarters from its existing New York City location.

Now, for the first time in years, the will and political ability might be there to accomplish just that.

Source: Right Wing News

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