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Ted Cruz Takes A COLOSSAL Sledgehammer To Obama’s Baby…America Is FREE Again!

Every time Senator Ted Cruz makes headlines, we gotta read it.

Because we just LOVE what he’s been doing lately.

We had to stand up and applaud when Cruz rightfully called the Democrats “the Party of the Ku Klux Klan.” Nothing but the truth, liberals, nothing but the terrible truth.

But Cruz isn’t all talk; he has been very active in recent months, proposing a series of bills and laws that would only help this country.

For example, the one that says if you live in America and you side with a terrorist group, your citizenship will be immediately revoked. I mean, come on…that’s just common sense, right?

And this move was just INGENIOUS:

Now, Sen. Ted Cruz has brought forward a bill that’s sure to get the left howling. And this one will be MUCH beloved by small business owners.

Here, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane: Barack Obama waged all-out war on the free market and private business that included the legislative establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The bureau was supposedly a pro-consumer agency that fought the good fight against the big business powers on behalf of the little guy and gal. What it really was, and is, was Obama’s way of putting business under the left’s thumb.

And now Cruz says we need to boot this sucker to the curb.

“Cruz called the CFPB, created by President Barack Obama‘s 2010 financial reform law as the brainchild of Elizabeth Warren before her election to the Senate, an ‘out-of-control bureaucracy.’

His legislation, he said, would give Congress ‘the opportunity to free consumers and small businesses from the CFPB’s regulatory blockades and financial activism, which stunt economic growth,'” The Washington Examiner reported.

It’s about damn time.

You know, this is the same agency Obama then thrust into further legitimacy by foisting into power a CFPB leader, Richard Cordray, during a recess appointment. Cordray’s appointment was challenged in court.

And now that Republicans have a clean sweep of the main Capitol Hill offices – the House, the Senate, the White House – there is no better time than take the bold action to boot the entire agency.

Will Cruz’s bill move forward? That’s a hard call right now. Even with a smashing majority, some Republicans, the entrenched and elitist ones, seem to be slow-walking on the conservative policies.

But getting rid of the CFPB should be an easy decision. It’s anti-business, pro-regulation and a hold-over from Obama’s time. What’s to think about?

Source: The Washington Examiner

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