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Shock Report: Ted Cruz Just Declared WAR On Muslims…This Is Explosive!

This is big. REALLY big.

And it’s going to really tick off the likes of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

But put it this way: So what. CAIR can cry all it wants. The fact is, a bill Sen. Ted Cruz just introduced aptly outlines what’s been on the hearts and minds of many in America’s political, military and intelligence worlds.

The bottom line is that changes need to be made and we need to step up and make some acknowledgements. We’ve separated ourselves from a president who refused to ever use the term “Radical Islam” and who couldn’t seem to connect Islam and terrorism, regardless of circumstances.

Yeah, well, a new day is dawning. Check out what Senator Ted Cruz is doing (or trying to do):

“A series of two bills being introduced by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would mark two organizations, including the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood, as terrorist groups,” Conservative Tribune reported.

Guess who’s been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood? Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Adviser, as well as – well, well, well, isn’t this interesting – CAIR. Cruz’s bill also calls for additional scrutiny on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Cruz issued a statement about his bill that went like this, Conservative Tribune reported:

“This potent threat to our civilization has intensified under the Obama administration due to the willful blindness of politically-correct policies that hamper our safety and security. A grand détente with the Muslim Brotherhood and a blind eye to the IRGC are not pathways to peace in this struggle; they guarantee the ultimate success of our enemy. It is time to call this enemy by its name and speak with clarity and moral authority.”


The bigger question is why America has let it go so long for the Muslim Brotherhood to present as a friendly organization, bent simply on advancing the kinds deeds of Islam. The organization, founded in 1928 as a political outreach of Sunni Islamism, was banned in 2013 in Egypt because of allegations it was involved in assassinations and coups. Critics of the group have warned its underlying goal is to spread Sharia law across the globe, including in the West.

The fact America doesn’t even label it a terror group sends a loud and clear message of silent acceptance that says, bluntly: You have nothing to fear from us.

And Cruz’s response? NO MORE.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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