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Teen Visits Dad’s Gravesite On Her Prom Day – When She Arrives, She Can’t Believe Her Eyes…

Police officer Rod Lee Bradway won the Indianapolis Police Department’s Medal of Bravery in 2012 and distinguished himself in his service of only five years.

Having two teenaged children and a wife was a blessing for Rod and being the consummate family man, Bradway remains the epitome of a dedicated and tough police officer.

In September of 2013, Bradway responded to a call at an apartment complex where a man was reportedly holding a woman and her 10-month-old baby at gunpoint.

Bradway proceeded to talk to the man at from behind the door to the apartment for a full fifteen minutes, but when the woman yelled for help, the Medal of Bravery recipient acted, kicking in the door.

The man waited in ambush behind the door and shot Bradway, who later died from his wounds.  The suspect exchanged fire with another officer who killed him.

Bradway sadly left behind his family, but he was certainly not forgotten. His daughter especially will never forget him…

Independent Journal Review:

“Sierra Bradway had her special place picked out for prom pictures. She wanted to take photos with her father, Officer Rod Lee Bradway.

So, with her date Brock Spayd by her side, she went to Indianapolis’s Crown Hill Cemetery.

Sierra, dressed in a blue gown, was shocked at what she saw when she arrived at the gravesite.

Two officers on horseback were waiting for the daughter of one of their fellow officers.

And dozens of police officers lined up to greet Sierra and Brock.

Brock’s mother had planned the surprise for her son’s date.

The Blue Line Family is watching out for her, in honor of her father. And the department knows he is watching out for her, too. As the video says:

“Sierra, we know your father is smiling from heaven. Know that your Blue Line Family will always be here for you.”

This is not the exception, but the rule with police officers and their families. A proud tradition of support and love.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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