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After Horrifying Terror Attacks, The World Discovers What London’s MUSLIM Mayor Did Just Before…

There is an old Liberal school of thought that says that if you give the enemy what they want, they will leave you alone.

As has been proven time and time again, that’s just not the case; because once the enemy gets what it is asking for, it will simply ask for more.

The cost? Oh, innocent women being attacked in the street all around the world, for one.

A myriad of other despicable crimes relating to children, for another. Yeah…sick.

And then things turn deadly, as the recent London attacks proved.

See, the Islamization of Europe had been advertised years ago as “a good thing.” It would prove once and for all that White Europeans were not bigoted, racist, xenophobes, that they were in fact enlightened human beings who could open their hearts to the mistreated and invite them to live amongst them in peace and harmony.

They would not be asked to learn the language, assimilate, or live like Europeans; that would be insensitive and wrong.

In fact, Europeans did everything possible to accommodate Muslims. They even elected a Muslim mayor in London to prove how tolerant and accepting they were.

And in the wake of this most recent horror perpetrated on the people of Great Britain, news has reached our ears of a very disconcerting fact.

MAD World News:

“As disturbing details surface, the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge that the breaking London terrorist attack was carried out by a Muslim jihadist.

However, while all eyes are on the suspect, London’s first Muslim mayor is hoping that no one will notice the disgusting thing he was doing just before the attack.

On March 22, the one-year anniversary of the Brussels terrorist attack, the UK experienced the effects of multiculturalism. As reports continue to unfold, the facts conclude that an “Asian man,” which is mainstream media code for Muslim, mowed down at least 12 people before pulling a knife and stabbing into the crowd.

Three have reportedly died while at least 10 others are being treated for injuries after an unidentified bearded suspect carried out the brutal attack in front of the Houses of Parliament in London.


In January 2017, Mayor Kahn denounced U.S. President Donald Trump’s first executive order that banned travelers from 7 terror-prone Islamic countries.

Taking his disdain for what he called a ‘Muslim ban’ even further, on March 4, Khan responded by moving to resettle an astonishing 1.5 million more asylum seekers from Muslim-majority countries as soon as possible.

According to Express, Khan admitted that London and the United Kingdom will see a massive influx of at least 1.5 million Islamic migrants for the first time in history.

After more than 5 million people have flocked in Britain in the last decade, the one-time resettlement plan that he calls the ‘new London plan’ represents nearly one-third of the British Isles’ migrant population and would signify a major change in the U.K.”

Again, it is not placating this enemy that makes them stop, because quite frankly, NOTHING makes them stop.

They have dedicated their entire EXISTENCE to the extermination of all things Western, non-Muslim, White European in heritage, and Judaism in its entirety.

They wish to invade and take over; that is their doctrine, as one American teacher recently discovered, much to her horror.

The London attack (which has now claimed 4 lives officially) is just the start of what will be a horrific show of some of the worst the Muslim world has yet to offer.

A Muslim mayor has not halted their march toward extermination of anything counter-Sharia law. A Muslim Prime Minister will only make things worse.

Source: MAD World News

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