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Shock Report: MASSIVE Terrorist Threat Explodes…America Braces For WAR! Terrifying!

For years, we’ve been told that the Iranian people do not stand with their government, that they loathe their dictatorship and hope for its downfall.

Common sense, however, tells us that this cannot be so. When we see on foreign news programs the immense crowds of people shouting “Death to America!” we can only assume that the people support the regime.

And when we learn that our former president apparently gave Iran a LOT of gifts (cash, gold, raw uranium, etc.), the American people have questions.

What is UP with Iran, anyway?

I have a revelation about this that may answer that question. Perhaps, just as the Left buys protesters to canvass the streets of America and cause destruction and spew hatred, the Iranian regime does exactly the same thing.

If you’re not from this country and you see the mainstream media coverage and its outright frothing at the mouth over Trump and his supporters and staff, you’d think the entire country is against the Republican president and all things Conservative.

This is the EXACT SAME MESSAGE that the Iranian government is putting out through its State-controlled media: that the people support the regime.

Well, once again, an Iranian resistance group based in Washington, D.C., has come out strong with a new report detailing some frightening information.

Fox News:

“An explosive new report given to the Trump administration could fuel discussions by the president’s inner circle about adding Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to the official list of foreign terrorist organizations.

Issued by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the report claims the IRGC has set up at least 14 terrorist training camps across Iran to teach foreign fighters terrorist tactics. According to the report, fighters are streaming in from Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, all countries where Iran has expanded interests.

Iran already is part of the U.S. State Department’s State Sponsors of Terrorism list, along with Syria and Sudan. However, new calls are coming from leading critics of the regime to designate the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization – and the Trump administration is said to be considering that.”

There is a ton of information contained in this Fox News piece regarding the particulars of this group, but let me try to boil it down:

The National Council of Resistance of Iran has been a group in opposition to the Iranian dictatorship since the 1970s. They have been a vocal opponent of the regime while it was defying the rest of the civilized world and torturing its own people.

It is one of the most oppressive governments in the world today and this group makes no bones about it.

Now, could there be a link between the aforementioned billions Obama gave to Iran and the sudden springing up of 14 terrorism training camps? And what about the new military report that basically proves Obama was protecting terrorists?

As for Trump vs. Iran:

This isn’t about asking the military to swoop in and topple the Iranian government; rather, they want the people to be able to do it themselves. They are asking for Trump to add the IRGC to the list of terrorist organizations.

That’s it! Simple and sweet.

Obama holdovers in the current Trump administration don’t like this tactic and say it will endanger our troops overseas. Really? And Obama shipping billions to Iran…that was wise? That didn’t endanger our troops?

This designation needs to happen and I’m quite sure that Trump will do it.

But how sad it is to know that Leftists in this country exactly mirror the tactics of a bloody and oppressive Iranian dictatorship in that country?

Source: Fox News


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