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Thug Tries To Rob 52-Year-Old Woman At Home, But He Never Saw Her HIDDEN FRIEND…

Ladies just ain’t what they used to be. Once upon a time, a punk worth his salt could certainly handle a woman smaller than him.

Of course, no real man beats on a woman.

But thug criminals need that boost to their pathetic self-esteems, so it’s not surprising that they target weaker individuals.

However, when those “weaker” individuals fight back, it can be pretty brutal. And you never know what can happen…remember when that brave rescue dog saved the police officer’s life?

See, you just can’t predict the outcome, even when you think it’s a sure thing.

Joe M. Sotello, being of sound body (the mind of a different nature, however) thought it’d be a sure thing to terrorize a little lady. Or several little ladies, actually.

First, he bullied his girlfriend into helping him rob an old friend of the family’s. That’s right! He had his girlfriend knock on her door and pretend to be handing out flyers of a lost dog.

When the cowed girlfriend managed to get the 52-year-old neighbor to answer her door, Sotello (in a bid for self-worth) grabbed her by the arm and proceeded to push her into the home, telling her it was a robbery.

Thinking quickly, she ripped his mask off and was shocked to find that it was an old family friend. She quickly reached behind the front door for HER old friend.

MAD World News:

…[T]he woman saw what appeared to be a gun in his waistband and reached for a bat that was tucked behind her front door.

Without hesitation, the woman started swinging, busting up Sotello’s face in the process.

Before long, two other 18-year-old girls in the home joined in the altercation and were able to help get the thug out of the home and lock the door, but things were far from over.

According to 11 Alive NBC, Sotello fled from the property but ran to a home belonging to one of the victim’s relatives.

…[T]he man inside the home was able to detain Sotello until police could get there and formally arrest the man for what he had previously done.”

Social media has had a field day with his mug shot photos, but it’s sure to be somewhat damaging to his very fragile psyche.

Maybe his neighboring prison inmates will listen sympathetically to his problems of inadequacy as a thief and woman-beater.

And hey, this gives me an idea: Maybe women on beaches should walk around carrying bats, in case Muslim men and their “different beliefs” start groping them.

Sources: MAD World News, KFOR

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