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3 Thugs Unleash Barrage Of Bullets On Homeowner…But They Didn’t Know He Was INVINCIBLE

Justice is swift when the police arrive with the necessary firepower to take down a perpetrator with a weapon.  Usually within a few minutes, the perp is subdued or “neutralized.”

Justice is even swifter when someone on the scene has a legally carried weapon.

And when it comes to homeowners defending themselves and their property, one can’t always count on the police.

A few nights ago, three thugs attempted a drive-by shooting in the Houston, Texas area.  They had chosen their target and climbed into a vehicle with murder on their minds.

As they approached the street, they cocked their weapons and peered ahead for the man.  He was standing in his front yard when they opened fire.

What happened next is both karmic and downright amazing, as the target not only emerged unscathed, but he doled out some serious payback.

KPRC2 Houston:

“Four men in a maroon Nissan sedan were driving in the 400 block of Glenburnie Drive near Mercedes Lane around 2:15 a.m. with the intention of shooting a man in his yard, police said. 

According to officers, the Nissan drove by the man’s yard and the men started to shoot at the man.

Authorities said the man standing in his yard, who has a concealed handgun license, shot back at the car hit all three men in the vehicle. 

Houston police said the Nissan crashed into another vehicle. Police said three of the men got out the Nissan and continued to exchange gunfire with the homeowner. Police said the homeowner struck all three men.

Officials said one man died at the scene and a second man was taken to Memorial Hermann Northwest, where he was pronounced dead.


The third man was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries.”

Pretty crazy, right? It does appear that the shooters were looking to intimidate the man in the yard for reasons not divulged.

The is exactly the type of story that makes one balk at talk aimed at disarming citizens.  Here, a man who was minding his business on his own property opted to return fire on the thugs who were gunning for him.

Had the man not been armed, chances are he’d be dead and the crime might have gone unpunished for weeks, months or even years.

Everyone – EVERYONE – has the right to defend themselves without fear of retribution from law enforcement.

Source:  KPRC2 Houston

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