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STUNNING: Tim Allen Just Dropped An Epic Bombshell…Liberals Humiliated! [WATCH]

Many of us grew up with the great TV show, “Home Improvement.”

Tim Allen was one of those fantastic family men on primetime TV (unfortunately uncommon these days) and now, he’s back with his new show, “Last Man Standing.” If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to tune in.

What started with the “Trump chalking” at Emory University has spiraled out of control, and we now have a full-on assault on freedom of speech. Terms like “triggering” and “micro aggressions”  have spread like wildfire, resulting in utterly absurd scenarios at various college campuses. And of course, only certain people are allowed to be “triggered.”

At any rate, Allen launches a hilarious and timely rant against the far-left insanity that has been decimating the nation over the past decade or so. College students everywhere should probably take heed:

There’s nothing better than watching something on TV that ISN’T spewing leftist propaganda. Everything in our entertainment is so heavily skewed to one side that conservatives just keep rolling their eyes.

But here’s one chance to cheer!

Source: Patriot Update

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