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WATCH – Toddler Gets Teddy Bear From Military Dad, And Here’s Her Reaction To What’s INSIDE…

Military families often have it rough.

When the military member gets deployed or transferred, it really tosses a wrench into the works.

And when little children are involved, it becomes that much more difficult to face every new day.

It’s even worse when children lose parents in the line of duty, though that can lead to precious memories that will last a lifetime (bittersweet though they may be).

Larry Bert’s son has been deployed for the past three months but before he left, he arranged for his daughter, Pia, to receive a little gift.

After he’d been gone for about a month, his daughter-in-law gave Pia the gift and her reaction is absolutely blowing up on social media.

This granddaughter’s reaction to this teddy bear is enough to make you smile for a month:

The recorded voice of Larry Bert’s son says:

Hey, P. I love you. See you soon.

And of course, this little girl knows exactly who it is and immediately calls for her father. “Dad! I wanna see dad!”

Okay, so she won’t see him for a little while, and I imagine she was disappointed to learn dad wasn’t actually in the teddy bear. But it’s awfully touching nonetheless.

Furthermore, wife Kelly gave birth to another little girl in April, a daughter the father has not yet seen.

So, when he comes back, it will be QUITE the happy family reunion!

It’s a great Memorial Day story and speaking of which, did you see what First Lady Melania Trump did for a few lucky military personnel…?

Sources: Independent Journal Review, YouTube

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