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Transgender Antifa Bully Picks The WRONG Guy To Punch…Gets INSTANT Punishment! [WATCH]

This is perhaps the beginning of the end for the Left as they rapidly spiral out of control with these hundreds of anti-First Amendment groups.

Not only are they well-funded and extremely well-organized, they’re trying to provoke the Conservative groups and law enforcement into violent confrontation.

This is scripted and, very much like Bob Creamer’s well-orchestrated thug dispatching at Trump rallies under the direction of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it seems to be centrally run.

We’re willing to bet George Soros knows a thing or two about this…

Yet another sick member of these anti-free speech groups decided he (she?) was going to attempt to intimidate a videographer into backing down.

MAD World News:

“Shocking video footage from a recent Antifa rally, where a peaceful videographer was approached by a ‘thugly’ transgender ‘woman’ with a nasty potty mouth, is hitting social media.

After the self-described ‘woman’ was unable to provoke a man into a fight by cursing in his face, the temperamental thug punched him.

The transgender individual instantly gets taught a brutal lesson, and rightfully so.

As law-abiding Americans grow tired of Antifa violence, this new video footage captures the true nature of their ugly ideology.

The video begins with a group of Antifa activists arguing with a videographer.

Apparently, the Antifa thugs are concerned about being identified on the videographer’s YouTube channel because they don’t want to face the legal repercussions of their illegal behavior.

As the argument escalates, the transgender woman, who’s obviously a man wearing woman’s clothing and a man-bun, shows up and starts screaming in the videographer’s face.

Watch as the Antifa thugs whimper and cry after their fearless leader gets a brutal lesson from the fed up videographer.”

I believe these frightening situations will get worse before they get better and will ultimately culminate with the Leftists firing guns at one of these events.

If this happens, it will insure two things:

1. Conservatives will literally fear for their very lives at future engagements, and 2. The shocking hypocrisy of the liberal will be complete.

Source:  MAD World News

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