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Transgenders To American Taxpayers: We’re Going To MAKE You Pay For Us

The water in the pipes of the University of Wisconsin-Madison must be contaminated with more than one deadly chemical.

The loony behavior there in the past few months has been indicative of a disaster of catastrophic proportions, even though liberals still say this is “progressive.”

Let’s take a peek at the “progressive” notions of this institution of higher learning, shall we?

1. White professor teaching “The Problems With Whiteness” in an African-American Studies class

2. UWM hosts the Jill Stein Recount Update on the steps of one of its buildings to a huge audience of 6

3. Female undergrad writes a well-received paper on the racism of the English language and the virtues of Ebonics

And those are merely the headliners. Can you imagine what insanity is taking place behind the scenes?

Now, the newest from the University of Wacky Wisconsin-Madison is that its own Liberal employees are eating the hand that provides them with safe spaces.

Right Wing News:

“Two employees at the University of Wisconsin have filed a lawsuit against the university, along with its board of regents and its insurers because they were refused gender reassignment surgeries.

The ACLU is helping both employees with their lawsuit, in which they claim they are being discriminated against.

Shannon Andrews is a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, and Alina Boyden is a teaching assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Both were born male, but believe they are female.

Andrews paid for his gender reassignment surgery himself, out of his own pocket, and tried to get reimbursed by his insurer. That request was denied.

‘Many people can relate to paying into an insurance plan only to be told that the treatment they need is not covered,’ Andrews said in a statement. ‘But when the reason you are denied coverage is because of who you are, it is even more painful. And it’s clearly discrimination.’”

So, here we have the situation where the Miserable Liberal meets the Abler Enabler. For years, Leftists have been catering to every strange and ridiculous whim of their offspring, to the point of lunacy.

The result is a complete refutation of that Leftist training, which also includes blatant hypocrisy and racism they can’t even see.

This is what you get when you tell your kids that they can do no wrong; the “everything is okay” mantra that has crippled an entire generation.

Source: Right Wing News

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