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TREASON! Obama Crony Just Opened America’s Borders To ALL Our Enemies…Trump Is SHOCKED!

In the “Lord of the Rings”, the leader of the dark world of sorcery and bastardization of human beings (the orcs) was known as Sauron.

The elf, Legolas, says of Sauron, “The Dark Lord’s arm has grown long if he can hurl snow at us all the way from Mordor.” Gandalf agrees, “His arm has grown long.”

That was Middle-Earth. This is America.

And Sauron is alive and well, only in our story, Mordor (the dark land of volcanoes, ash, rock, devastation, orcs, and creatures in the dark) is Washington D.C. And the Dark Lord, Sauron is Barack Hussein Obama.

This is a man who spent MILLIONS hiding his tracks. OUR money, by the way.

This is someone who Congress wants to prosecute due to his numerous alleged crimes and other highly questionable actions. This, my fellow Americans, was our former president, believe it or not.

His long arm of evil has grown long indeed.

From this secret mansion of darkness, he continues to keep his one eye open in order to delegitimize his successor and destroy what vestiges of hope still survive. And his underlings have immense power, too.


“…a federal judge, and Obama appointee, prevented the President of the United States from enforcing his own executive order to protect the nation from migrants from terror-riddled countries.

The judge then prevented every other judge and every other state from following the President’s order, the judge making himself a one-man Supreme Court and substitute President.

The judge then held that American universities and immigrants living here can prohibit America from ever limiting immigration from Muslim-heavy countries, claiming the First Amendment gives Muslim-dominant nations a right of immigration to America.


The judge’s ruling is completely lawless, mirroring Obama’s deep state allies in his shadow government’s attempt to sabotage the Trump presidency.

There is no precedent for the court’s order. In fact, every precedent is against the court’s order; just read the detailed logic and scholastic citation of proper governing legal authorities from the decision of a moderately liberal Boston judge who upheld every part of Trump’s prior order.

Meet the new left’s America: foreigners first, Muslims preferred, law last, elections irrelevant.”

His arm has grown long, yes?

All this, despite President Trump’s clear NON-hatred for Muslims, as clearly seen by Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman in a recent historic meeting. Even a Muslim leader knows what Trump is doing is fair!

And yet, one of our own has shot it down. Why? Because Suaron’s – um, I mean, Obama’s – cronies still have IMMENSE power. They have to be stopped…rapidly.

Source: Breitbart

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