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Breaking: $1 TRILLION Budget Explodes, And Liberals Aren’t Getting ONE DAMN CENT For…

The sheer size of these budget bills is mind-boggling.

And we’re talking about the sheer volume of the documents exceeding 1,000 pages, as well as the the price tag exceeding $1 TRILLION.

The process of writing and negotiating the provisions of these bills is where the horse trading gets intense.

Legislators press for pet projects as well as those they can claim as victories to their supporters. So maybe we should be thankful the numbers aren’t even larger.

And when it comes to programs liberals really, REALLY love, they don’t get much more adored than Planned Parenthood…despite the disgusting scandals surrounding that organization.

Well, this administration isn’t a fan of Planned Parenthood and now, federal funding of abortions is getting cut.

And the Democrats are losing their damn minds. As Speaker Paul Ryan explained, via Breitbart:

We always knew that it takes 60 votes to pass an appropriations bill through the Senate. This bill does not have funding for Planned Parenthood. That’s important. The reconciliation bill advances the pro-life cause even further.

So, no Planned Parenthood funding in here. And, by the way, [HHS Secretary] Tom Price is now the person who approves grants that go out to the states.

So, we feel very comfortable we are working hand in glove with the administration to advance our pro-life priorities.”

This is encouraging, especially coming from Paul Ryan. If his remarks accurately describe the situation, it’s a welcome development indeed.

Adding to confidence that federal abortion funding is out of the bill is a release from the Family Research Council.

“For those of you reading the media reports that the GOP didn’t cut Planned Parenthood funding in the omnibus, there’s a reason for that.

A bill like this one requires 60 votes, whereas the budget reconciliation measure — which is how Republicans are handling the repeal of Obamacare and the defunding of Planned Parenthood — only needs 51.”

It’s a complicated process, and especially bewildering for those of us not accustomed to doing things the way Congress does.

Mainly, it all hinges on doing it in a way that avoids the filibuster rule in the Senate that would require Democrats to agree to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, something that won’t happen.

Regardless of the convoluted process being pursued, the result is what is important. And that result will prevent federal funds flowing to Planned Parenthood.

With all the stories infesting that program (really, some of those stories are just SICK), we’re thinking it’s no great loss.

Source: Breitbart

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