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Here’s What Happened When True Patriots DARED To Say ‘No’ To Sharia Law…

We could really do without the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This is a misnamed group that simply opposes anyone with views consistent with those of our founding fathers and the Constitution.

They are particularly offended by anything related to Christianity, for some bizarre reason.

Their opposition to neo-Nazi groups is well-founded, but they like to throw any Conservative movement into that category, or at least create a similar category or “hate group” classification in which to gather those groups.

So when ACT for America staged protests against the utterly un-Amercian Sharia Law, the SPLC went after that group, applying their well-used term, “hate group,” to the organization.

No surprise there.

From NBC News:

“Demonstrations against Islamic law led to arrests, tense confrontations and physical fights in some U.S. cities Saturday amid several rallies sponsored by ACT for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center designates as an anti-Muslim hate group.

The ‘March Against Sharia’ was scheduled to take place in more than 20 cities, including New York, Dallas and Atlanta, and was projected to be ACT for America’s largest protest against Islam.

In some cities, the rallies were met by counter-demonstrators. Seven people were arrested during demonstrations at the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul, but no injuries were reported, the state patrol said.”

Sharia Law and our Constitution and Western legal tradition do not work together. They are far too different.

Since Sharia opposes the system of laws that founded this nation and which has governed us for almost 250 years, the SLPC defends Sharia.

ACT for America says that Sharia law — or Islamic law — is incompatible with Western democracy, and that the marches ‘are in support of basic human rights for all.‘”

‘ACT for America, which has over 525,000 members and has boasted of its close ties to President Donald Trump, is organizing the marches.


It has been considered a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center for several years.

If ACT is true to their public statements of policy, they are only pointing out the obvious:

That Sharia law denigrates the rights of women, imposes a judicial system incompatible with Western Justice, and promotes inhuman punishments that should have died out 1,400 years ago.

Or, to be truthful, should never have been practiced in the first place, which is why courts throughout the country are taking strides to block Sharia Law.

So, we have the SLPC not only incorrectly denigrating a group as a “hate group,” but also mischaracterizing the debate.

In other words, nothing new.

Source: NBC News

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