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Trump Just Dropped The 10 Most Explosive Words Of His Presidency – And America Is Erupting!

President Donald Trump is sticking to his campaign promises.

In March, illegal immigration in the U.S. hit a 17-year low, which was fantastic news for the country.

It also proved that despite the best efforts of Leftists to hinder the operation, Trump’s Team continues to protect this country, and they are indeed stemming the filthy tide that plagues our borders.

And you know what? He ain’t stopping.

Our industrious border agents are aware of the unsettling truth: We still have a long ways to go before this problem is officially fixed. Which is exactly why the Trump administration must remain proactive.

The good news is that they’re showing no signs of slowing, and Trump has taken to Twitter to once again send a powerful message to illegals.

That message, as cited by Fox News today, is simple: They’re “getting the hell out.

In an interview that aired Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” Trump spoke highly of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, who is responsible for enforcing Trump’s border policy.

Reprising remarks he made at the very start of his presidential bid, he emphasized the importance of removing criminal aliens.

‘We’ve gotten tremendous criminals out of this country,” Trump said. ‘I’m talking about illegal immigrants that were here that caused tremendous crime.

That have murdered people, raped people – horrible things have happened. They’re getting the hell out or they’re going to prison.

Like that? 10 PERFECT WORDS right there.

Trump then echoed those comments on Twitter, and further pointed out the atrocities of the MS-13 gang, the group Tucker Carlson recently called the single biggest threat to American lives.

From the start, Trump has talked about cracking down on illegal immigrants and thankfully, he’s sticking to his guns.

We’re DONE with this. We’re done with battling the invaders. And our president left us with another hugely patriotic message, which we applaud:

And so many towns and cities are thanking me because we have gotten rid of a burden that you would not believe.

It is a serious problem and we never did anything about it, and now we’re doing something about it.

Source: Fox News

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