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DAMN! Trump Drops Wicked Accusation On Obama Crony – Start Investigating NOW!

Why do Conservatives even bother with facts or evidence to back up their claims?

Seriously, it’s like banging your head against a wall trying to reason with a pack of fanatical know-nothings.

We could have all the evidence in the world to support President Trump’s wiretapping accusation, and it just doesn’t seem to matter.

I think it is well beyond the abilities of anyone with the answers, the facts, or even a smoking gun, to ultimately convince Leftists they are wrong. Even when the evidence is thrown in their faces, they pretend they don’t see it.

Then the tantrums ensue.

Over the last few days, Susan Rice’s name has surfaced as a person who had requested the identities of the Trump transition team who were mentioned in U.S. surveillance.

The Hill:

President Trump on Wednesday claimed that former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice may have committed a crime by requesting the identities of Trump associates who were mentioned in U.S. surveillance, though he did not provide proof.

Rice has denied leaking the names of Trump associates and denied she did anything improper.

Asked by The New York Times if Rice committed a crime, Trump said, ‘Do I think? Yes, I think.’

Trump did not present any evidence to support that claim.

Notice that the author of the piece was careful to point out (twice) that no evidence was put forward to support the claim that Susan Rice had requested the names of his associates.


Not only has this story been floated many times in the last few days, it’s obvious that she did SOMETHING, or else why would Rice have to deny “leaking the names of Trump associates” or that she did anything “improper?”

Wouldn’t she rather have been saying that she never requested the names in the first place?

Beyond that, how many members of Obama’s OWN staff have to pop up and confirm this surveillance before leftists take notice? What’s it take, open-court testimony? Maybe it’ll all come down to that.

This story has the stench of Denmark all over it.

And to you people at The Hill: Since when did you need “evidence” before printing a story?  I don’t recall you seeking out “evidence” to produce a favorable story about Obama…

Source: The Hill

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