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Breaking: Trump Shocks America With MAMMOTH Tax Cut…We Just Saved MILLIONS!

That Obama guy sure liked his vacations, didn’t he?

Last year, we found out Barack Obama and the First Family’s luxurious trips cost American taxpayers over $85 million.

Well, I hope they had a damn good time.

Because now, after eight years of the Obamas taking multiple vacations, with Secret Service, fuel, and hotel costs being absorbed at the expense of John Q. Taxpayer, we finally have a president who cares about the country’s bottom line.

We know about Trump’s incoming “phenomenal tax cut” plan, which is bound to save us even more money, but did you know he’s also saving the U.S. money on a personal level?

Contrary to his predecessor, Trump has announced a novel way of saving:

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are working to make serious cuts to the Office of the First Lady, which would help Trump keep his promise to save taxpayers money,” The Political Insider reported.

What a difference a First Lady makes.

Mrs. Obama, for instance, was always digging into the taxpayer pocketbook to help pay for her many, many travels around the world and the United States.

First lady Melania?

“So far, the first lady has only hired two people to be on her staff – Chief of Staff Lindsay Reynolds, an alumna of the George W. Bush administration and White House Social Secretary Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd, an events planner who has worked on the last five inaugurals and for both Democratic and Republican secretaries of state,” The Political Insider reported.

As for her travels, Mrs. Trump has mostly confined herself to New York, where she’s taking care of her and her husband’s son…partly because vicious liberals can’t refrain from attacking a 10-year-old.

Once again: What a difference a first lady makes.

You know, the left paints the wealthy as if they’re evil and their gains, ill-gotten – and curiously, they do that even while collecting as much wealth as those on the ideological right.

So that makes them hypocrites.

But even more than that, at the same time the left busies itself with crying about the evils of money and wealth, it hardly ever dips into its own pocketbook to pay. Rather, that’s what the taxpayers are for, right?

The Trumps, wealthy as they are, haven’t forgotten the fact they’re in the White House to serve the American people – and that includes curtailing their taxpaid expenses as best they can.

Source: The Political Insider

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