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Just In: Trump Unloads 1 MASSIVE Announcement, And INSTANTLY Saves America BILLIONS!

The FAA has been overworked with tasks and duties far beyond the scope of its original intention.

Because of this, it has been wavering on providing the finest in safety and has been spread far too thin.

Last year, Republicans in Congress attempted to streamline the Federal Aviation Authority by privatizing a large portion of it, but were thwarted by Obama who would rather concentrate on spending more taxpayer money.

But now we’ve got a leader who cares more about SAVING Americans money, who cares more about enhanced productivity.

Now, President Donald Trump has made a significant breakthrough in this regard.

Allen B. West citing The Washington Post:

“The White House on Monday formally endorsed a plan to spin off more than 30,000 federal workers into a private nonprofit corporation, separating the nation’s air traffic controllers and those who work on a $36 billion modernization program from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Trump administration proposal essentially is an endorsement of a plan that failed to gain sufficient traction in Congress last year.

It is in keeping with the desire of the administration and congressional Republicans to streamline government and transfer some functions into private hands.

President Trump said that during the Obama administration the FAA ‘didn’t know what the hell they were doing’ in spending $7 billion to modernize the aviation system.

His proposal would transfer all the air traffic control assets — control towers, routing centers, and several billion dollars in tracking systems — to a private, nonprofit corporation without charge.

Removing air traffic control operations from the FAA would allow it to focus solely on its role as a safety regulation, according to an administration blueprint of the plan.


‘The current [aviation] system cannot keep up, has not been able to keep up for many years,’ Trump said at a White House ceremony.

‘We’re still stuck with an ancient, broken, antiquated, horrible system that doesn’t work.’”

All of these gestures, although seemingly small, when combined into one sum of money, will be a GARGANTUAN amount of money saved.

President Trump doesn’t require money; it’s the very reason why he donates his presidential salary.

The point is that he’s not doing this for himself, or the Republicans, or cronies, or lobbyists.  This gesture is 100% for the American people.

And that is EXACTLY why we voted for him!

Sources:  Allen B. West, The Washington Post

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