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BUSTED: Trump Approval Scandal Erupts…Democrats Caught RIGGING Polls!

First there’s fake news and now there are fake polls! When will these Liberals learn that no one is falling for their bull anymore?

It looks like, despite losing the election, Democrats (and that includes the media, of course) have still not learned their lesson when it comes to dishonest polls and out-of-touch attitudes.

It’s not enough to threaten  Trump supporters and family members during the Inauguration or bus in people from other districts to “vote Democrat and vote often!” It’s not even enough to work up already-unhinged Liberals to the point of frenzied violence by claiming that Trump is illegitimate because of Russian interference.

Instead of just simply relating the truth, that an elite, unpopular, disconnected, criminal, dismissive, dishonest, arrogant and unhealthy candidate named Hillary Clinton was responsible for this historic loss at the polls, mainstream media continues to attempt to shape public opinion through “fake polls” that are created for the sole purpose of delegitimizing the presidency of Donald Trump.

The only problem here is that the American people have gotten much smarter and are much better equipped to spot a hoax when they see it. Too bad our own government can’t spot similar hoaxes, but whatever. Anyway, from Proud Conservative:

“Two polls released Tuesday — one from ABC and a second from CNN — tout Donald Trump as being the most unfavorable incoming president in modern history — yet on second look, the data is clearly boosted by the pollers’ decision to oversample Democrats.

According to Gallup, 28 percent of Americans identify themselves as a Republican, while 25 percent identify as a Democrat.

Despite this information, eight more percent of participants in both the ABC and CNN polls identified as Democrats, leading to an 11 point swing in partisanship breakdown off the national average.

ABC’s poll sampled 1,005 adults across the nation. However, partisan breakdown shows that only 23 percent of participants identified as Republican.

Conversely, 31 percent of participants identified as Democrats and 37 percent as independent, while nine percent did not answer.”

Okay, so the short and long of it is that CNN and ABC are using the old Liberal media trick of “weighting” the polls in the Democrats’ favor in order to create the illusion that American opinion is on their side. This has been their favorite tool for many decades, but was honed to deadly effectiveness during the Clinton years.

With the advent of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, and many others, these deadly weapons have been blunted by repeated calls of “shenanigans”, to the point where these polls are now just about meaningless.

When this report first showed itself a couple of days ago, the Jackass Alert went off in many peoples’ heads. As appears to be the case in just about every one of these “fake polls”, the information gleaned from them always bear out the sad truth that the polling companies are bought and paid for by the Liberal media.

One other important fact that is not being reported along with these “fake polls” is the matter of Trump’s near-steroid induced ability to drain votes from the Democrats and add them to his own tallies.

It should be noted that, not only did he perform BETTER with the Independents than Hillary, but that he also drained tens of thousands of voters from the Democrat Party. For CNN and ABC to use at-best-dubious polling data and percentages from the 1980s and ’90s is just about as honest as “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Nice try, Democrats…but we’re not falling for that old trick anymore!

Source: Proud Conservative

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