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LEAKED: Trump Assassination Plot Exposed…Ties To Hillary CONFIRMED!

Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

We’ve compiled enough evidence in the past year to prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt. Hell, the Clinton family is responsible for HOW many deaths now? Then there was the massive taxpayer scandal that had Americans flipping out, and we all know about the email mess (refresher below).

And we’ve always said Democrats and Liberals are colossal hypocrites, in that despite preaching tolerance and open-mindedness, they resort to thug tactics when they don’t get their way. And the subterfuge never stops, as evidenced by the weighting and skewing of Donald Trump’s approval polls.

But we thought they’d stop at murder, you know.

Apparently not.

According to Young Conservatives, a man was just arrested for threatening to assassinate President-elect Trump; he posted a video to social media, in which he said clearly- “This is the 16th of January 2017, I will be at the review/inauguration and I will kill President Trump, President elect Trump today.

Disgusting and shocking but not entirely unheard of. However, wait until you see who it is:
The man arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening President-elect Donald Trump online is a member of a prominent northeast family close to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He once gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee, has learned.

Suspect Dominic Puopolo Jr., 51, sat near Hillary Clinton when she delivered the eulogy at the funeral of Puopolo’s mother, Sonia, who died in one of the jets that flew into the World Trade Center on 9-11.

During that eulogy on Oct. 6, 2001 in Boston, the former presidential candidate referred to ‘Dom Jr.’s latest computer wizardry.’

The ‘wizard’ is now being held in a Miami-Dade County jail after using Twitter to threaten Trump’s life.

Yeah. The dude sitting two spots down from Hillary Clinton. A donor to the Democratic Party and obviously, a dangerous loon who has no qualms about going after the commander-in-chief.

Anybody else wondering what he might have done in recent years that we don’t know about? And how much of it was done with a Democratic or Liberal agenda in mind? These people aren’t merely hypocritical…a few are downright frightening.

Just one more reason we should all be very, VERY thankful that Hillary is not our president. ‘shudder’

Source: Young Conservatives, Daily Mail

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