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HOLY CRAP! Trump Drops A BILLION-DOLLAR Sledgehammer On Obama – BEATDOWN, Baby!

What HASN’T President Donald Trump done to help this country?

In a few short months, he has already had a tremendous impact on this great nation’s biggest issues, including immigration, healthcare, the infrastructure, the economy, and even the national debt.

Now, we all know what happened to the latter when Barack Obama was president. This guy really knew how to spend taxpayer dollars, didn’t he?

How many spending scandals were there? Seemingly countless.

On the flip side, we have Donald Trump, who has pumped a TON of wealth into this country in a matter of mere weeks.

The jobs keep rolling in (the awesome Exxon Mobil deal had everyone cheering!) and the stock markets continue to break records.

And as for the national debt: On the day of Trump’s inauguration, January 20, the US Debt was at $19.947 trillion. As of March 8, the number had fallen $68 billion to $19.879 trillion.

That may not seem like a big drop but check this out, courtesy of Gateway Pundit:

By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $320 billion after his inauguration through March 8th 2009.  

Obama increased the US Debt by 3.1% during this time period and signed the trillion dollar ‘Stimulus’ bill which is widely considered a colossal failure and waste of US tax dollars as well.

The failed ‘Stimulus’ did not kick in till later in Obama’s first year leading to Obama’s first year deficit of $1.4 trillion.

Overall Obama doubled the US Debt during his Presidency and set records for highest deficits and the largest debt increase by any President ever.


That right there is the difference between having a community organizer and a successful businessman as the leader of the nation.

We have more and more evidence that one works – TRILLIONS of market wealth for Trump – and the other really, really doesn’t.

Eat it, liberals.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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