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Breaking: Trump Unloads $25 BILLION Bombshell On America – Our Economy Just EXPLODED!

If I had to wager a guess, I’d say the media would be a lot nicer to Donald Trump if just two words were inserted into every major news story about the president:


That’s right. Replace the words DONALD TRUMP with BARACK OBAMA and every single negative story suddenly becomes an enlightening and promising story about our country’s future.

Going a step further, every single positive story would be elevated to the status of Godlike. The bottom line is, while you won’t hear much about the NSA’s “smoking gun” related to Obama’s wiretapping, you never stop hearing about Trump’s “mistakes.”

Let’s face it: to the State-controlled media, Obama walks on water. And Trump? Well, let’s just say that he doesn’t.

You can have CIA whistleblowers siding with Trump and mountains of evidence and it still wouldn’t matter. And when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of new jobs our president has created…silence.

Well, we’re here to help shatter the silence.

Allen B. West:

“Following President Donald Trump’s election victory, it seemed that every other day he’d emerge from a meeting with a business leader to announce they’d be investing billions in the US economy, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs combined.

Among the companies promising new jobs (thanks to Trump specifically) include Alibaba, Softbank, Genoeral Motions, Samsung, LG Electronics, Foxxconn, Hyundai, Toyota, among others.

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of foreign companies on that list, presumably enticed by the tax and regulatory reform Trump has promised for a healthier business environment.

The latest firm we can add to the list is Charter Communications, the $100 billion cable telecommunications behemoth, who Trump just announced today has committed to investing $25 billion in the US economy, and hiring 20,000 workers over four years.

Charter also pledged to close all their offshore call centers and move them into the US at a White House meeting their CEO had with the president. Thus far there’s a plan to open a call center in McAllen, Texas, which will employ 600 people by the end of 2018.”

To all you Trumpsters, just one piece of advice: Don’t hang your head out the window, bemoaning the fact that the prepaid press of the Democrat Party is not writing glowing reviews of Donald Trump’s economic success.

Just be secure in the knowledge that you know the FACTS.

Barack Obama cannot point to a single company that he personally convinced to stay in the United States to build jobs and GDP. Trump has done more in a few short months for economic growth than Obama could accomplish in eight excruciatingly long years.

And while the MSM will never dare recognize that fact, you may sleep at night knowing that many of these same news organizations are only IN business because of President Donald J. Trump.

Source: Allen B. West

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