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Trump Gives U.S. Border Patrol More Power, Then Agents Make One Huge Bust

In recent years, Border Patrol morale has been on a steep decline.

The agency has had its hands tied by the left-wing policies of Barack Obama, leaving them unable to perform their basic duties.

But thanks to the election of Trump, the agency has been liberated.

With immigration enforcement being a pillar of Trump’s presidency, he’s given the Border Patrol latitude to make up for the 8 years of time it lost under Obama.

And the agency’s latest bust highlights the drastic change the president’s inspired in our nation’s border protectors.

As reported at Yes I’m Right, over the Fourth of July weekend, Border Patrol agents seized $5.2 million worth of narcotics and captured 13 fugitives along the California border with Mexico.

More than 300 pounds of methamphetamine, 223 pounds of cocaine, 45 pounds of heroine, and other narcotics were seized by Border Patrol agents from Friday through Sunday, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

The 13 fugitives were all guilty of various crimes, from probation violation to burglary to DUI. During patrol, a tractor driven by a 23-year old Mexican man was stopped.

The cargo was Persian limes but after inspection, 2 men were found hiding amongst the pallets. Smuggling people into the US is a regular occurrence, and the means by which the feat is attempted is often crazy.

People will hide inside the dashes of cars and other areas that have been meticulously taken apart and put back together again. But thanks to the agents’ canine colleagues, would-be illegals are frequently caught despite their best efforts.

The drug portion of the bust involved a Mexican resident and a legal permanent resident that couldn’t keep their stories straight, which drew suspicions from responding agents.


After a thorough search, they found 34 pounds of cocaine masterfully hidden inside their vehicle’s transmission, the street value of which is half a million dollars.

You just can’t beat the nose of a German Shepherd.

Thanks to the hard work of the Border Patrol, both drugs and illegals were kept out of the US over the 4th of July weekend.

Now that the shackles have come off, agents are finally free to do their jobs without fear of the Obama administration reprimanding them.

Sources: Yes I’m Right, The Daily Caller

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