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BREAKING: Trump Pulls SICK Cabinet Move…Haters Speechless!

As Donald Trump continues to build his team, both Republicans and Democrats should pay attention.

Some of the already-solidified choices and future possibilities run counter to a lot of Trump stereotypes and assumptions. This time, it looks like the president-elect is considering another Democrat for a high-profile position in the new government.

Yes, not long after Trump’s meeting with Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, sources have confirmed that Trump will consider another leftist. A conservative lefist but hey, a Democrat nonetheless.

It seems Trump’s transition team is considering West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin for the energy secretary position, which would be a fitting reward for W. Virginia, as the state awarded Trump one of his most lopsided victories in the recent election.

According to Politico citing “sources close to the discussions,” Manchin, a conservative Democrat, might be tapped “to show the coal people how serious Trump is about coal.” And though Manchin said his staff hasn’t been contacted by Trump’s team as of yet, he also didn’t dismiss the propsect being the DOE’s top dog:


“If I can do anything that would help my state of West Virginia, and my country, I would be happy to talk to anybody,” he told POLITICO. “Other than that, I haven’t heard anything … I have nothing scheduled.”The conservative Democrat “is being considered to show the coal people how serious Trump is about coal,” one source said.

Let’s not forget Manchin is up for reelection in 2018, and in a state that has gone redder and redder over the past few years. Not only might it be the right move for Manchin, but it could prove to be a respected move by Trump as well.

Or, if not entirely respected, at least the liberals can’t say Trump is only meeting with hardcore conservatives for every major position in the new regime.

Looks like Trump is a bit more diverse than some believed!

Source: Politico

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