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REPORT: Trump's Latest Cabinet Pick Is EXPLOSIVE…Dems In Meltdown Mode!

Every day that passes, every day that brings a new announcement about a new Donald Trump pick for his presidential Cabinet, is a day the left experiences a new potential for heart attack.

The fury of those on the left is rooted in this:

They just can’t believe Trump, who ran on conservative ideals and made clear he would govern from the White House on conservative ideals, is nominating hard-charging conservatives for his Cabinet slots.

The latest outcry from the left is Trump’s pick for Environmental Protection Agency secretary. What’s the name?

It’s Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, a guy who’s butted heads on several occasions with the EPA, particularly over global warming’s so-called science and the far-left policies that further the radical Green movement, as the Independent Journal Review noted.

Pruitt happens to be a supporter of the fossil fuel industry, a fact that causes the left no small measure of angst.


As Fox News reported:

“Representing his state as attorney general since 2011, Pruitt has repeatedly sued the EPA to roll back environmental regulations and other health protections. He joined with other Republican attorneys general in opposing the Clean Power Plan, which seeks to limit planet-warming carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. Pruitt has argued that curbing carbon emissions would trample the sovereignty of state governments, drive up electricity rates, threaten the reliability of the nation’s power grid and “create economic havoc.”

And Pruitt has previously and publicly argued that the so-called science on climate change is far from settled – a phrase that brings out the absolute frenzy of the radical environmentalists, who like to paint the discussion as ended.

Dan Pfeiffer, a former adviser to President Obama, summed up the left’s attitudes toward Pruitt with a concise Tweet: “At the risk of being dramatic, Scott Pruitt at EPA is an existential threat to the planet.”

Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, in a tweet of her own, summed up the opposition Pruitt can expect from Democrats; “For our children’s sake, the EPA Administrator cannot be a stenographer for Big Oil lobbyists and polluters.”

Bet Democrats in the Senate are wishing they didn’t support then-Majority Leader Harry Reid in 2013 when he pushed for that nuclear option, allowing executive appointees to be approved with simple majority votes, don’t you think? What goes around, comes around, so they say.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Fox News

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