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BOOM – Trump Erases One Military Code Word And Utterly HUMILIATES Obama

Wow, President Donald Trump just wiped the smile off Barack Obama’s face.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that while Obama dramatically increased the U.S. national debt, Trump has already LOWERED it.

I mean, that probably got Obama’s panties in a bunch but if there’s one subject he can’t stand…

Yep. Radical Islam.

He just refused to say it. No matter how much evidence we had to support the idea that Radical Islamic Terrorism absolutely existed, and absolutely presented a very real threat to the country, our former president never said “Radical Islam.”

Of course, we all know our new president has NO issue saying those words. And boy, is he driving that point home.

Mad World News:

“We’ve just learned that the new president has axed one of Obama’s special code words from the military,” the news blog reported. “It’s a slap in Obama’s face.”

Remember how Obama used to go out of his way to refer to ISIS as ISIL? Everyone else in the world was using ISIS, but no, not Obama. It was ISIL this, ISIL that. And the reason for using ISIL is that the acronym includes Israel.

So when Obama talked disparagingly about ISIL, he was also stretching that disparage to include Israel, apparently.

Yeah, well, his hatred of Israel isn’t exactly a secret anymore, now is it?

But now here comes Trump, a new commander in chief with a new order for his military and Cabinet. And what is that order?

No more ISIL.

“This change,” the news blog wrote, “comes straight from the commander in chief, President Trump, and it’s a welcome change to start using the correct terminology. Many military men have said that if you can’t identify your enemy and call them by name, you can’t defeat them.

Why, that’s exactly what Trump said from the campaign trail, many, many times in fact. Really, he said it about every time Obama would fail to refer to some act of Islamic terrorism as Islamic terrorism.

Well, now we know why – Obama kept trying to water down the enemy by drawing some moral equivalence between the terrorists and Israel by grouping them under one umbrella name, ISIL.

Thank goodness we have a real commander-in-chief in the White House now who’s not afraid to call the enemy what it is – ISIS terrorists who are driven by radical Islamic-based ideology and religious convictions.

Source: Mad World News

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