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Trump Conference CARNAGE! President Goes In Guns Blazing, Says The UNTHINKABLE!

President Donald Trump is going to tell you like it is.

He isn’t one to beat around the bush.

He takes the bush and jams it directly down your throat…and that’s JUST how we like it.

And by the way, white Americans are hardly the only ones who feel this way; have you seen just how many minorities have pledged their support of Trump? That’s because we finally have a president that’s DOING something.

And he talks a big game while doing it, which is just fantastic. No double-speak here!

That’s exactly what he did during his first solo press conference this afternoon; President Trump laid down the law and told everyone what was wrong, and that he was going to fix it.

He didn’t tackle the major illegal voting issues (though we know he’s still investigating) and he didn’t specifically single anybody out. But he did drop a mammoth sledgehammer on America and indeed, the world.

This includes calling out a “dishonest” media and firing away at the previous administration, saying several times: “I inherited a mess.

Well, we all knew that. It’s why so many voted for him.

Trump also announced R. Alexander Acosta as his new pick fo Labor Secretary, this just a few days after Andy Puzder withdrew his name. The president also defended the handling of Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation, which we’re now finding has despicable ties to the Obama camp.

Lastly, Trump vowed to issue a new executive order that will “protect” this country.

That’s likely another one about illegal immigration; Trump’s team continues to gather damning evidence that immigration is completely out of control, and he swears he’ll fix this, too.

Seriously, what’s not to like about this press conference?

It’s everything we’ve always wanted from Trump and honestly, it’s exactly what this country needs to hear right now.

…though we all know the liberal media will turn him into a monster for this conference. You know, because they’re so “reliable.”


Source: CNBC

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