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WOAH – President Trump BULL RUSHES The Crooked Clintons – Washington Is Poised To STRIKE!

Everybody knows by NOW, don’t they?

The White House just came out and accused The Crooked Clintons of being deeper into Russia’s pockets than anyone else in the political world…including President Donald Trump.

The Clinton Foundation has indeed received millions upon millions from Russia, which is a well-known fact even reported on by mainstream sources like The New York Times.

Well, what’s stopping Washington from delving deeper into this matter?

As far as Trump is concerned, absolutely nothing.

Trump took to Twitter to ask why lawkmakers aren’t probing the deals, transactions and connections established by former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump is basically repeating what just about every news source has reported on, so yeah, maybe now it’s time to strike. Maybe Washington actually has to DO something.

In addition the millions in donations the Clinton Foundation received from Russia for the Uranium One deal, there are many other examples of the Clintons colluding with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Putin, by the way, has been one of many politicians to “out” the Clintons, essentially proving Trump’s claims beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Yes, it is indeed time for a probe. And while they’re at it, maybe they could stop the not-so-secret plot of Hillary’s to oust Trump and put vice president Mike Pence in his place.

Bill and Hillary have sidestepped, evaded, or outright broken more laws than just about anyone else in American political history, with the possible exception of the Kennedys and Barack Obama.

Trump has been saying all along that both The Crooked Clintons and Obama need to be investigated. And we have a feeling he’s going to keep asking until it finally happens…

Sources: Breitbart, Donald Trump Twitter

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