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President Trump Takes Sudden Detour Through A Cemetery…What He Does Next INSTANTLY Goes Viral

A nation without traditions would be a nation without an identity.

One of our finest traditions is that of honoring those who gave their lives in service to our country.

Devoid of the remembrance of our war dead, Memorial Day might just as well be renamed “National Barbecue Day” or “Start of Summer Day.”

But it’s far too important for that to happen. Just ask those true Patriots who do AMAZING things to honor our heroes.

U.S. presidents make it a point to engage in special ceremonies on Memorial Day, and President Trump continued that tradition.

But he went above and beyond his normal duties to pay special tribute to one particular fallen Marine. His spontaneous moments of love for the military are truly a sight to behold.

From Independent Journal Review:

“President Donald Trump visited Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day to pay respects to the fallen soldiers entombed there.

Trump participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, gave a speech about national security, and listened to the playing of ‘Taps’ as families and tourists watched silently.”

But it’s what he did next that really has people talking:

“Walking through the hallowed ground of the cemetery, the president and vice president made a detour to Section 60, an area known for being the final resting place for men and women recently killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They carried flowers and stopped at a specific grave marked ‘Marine Corps Second Lt. Robert Kelly.’

The grave marks the resting place of Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary’s son John Kelly, who stood with Trump at the grave.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both laid flowers on Kelly’s grave as DHS Secretary looked on.”

This takes what could be a scripted event and transforms it into something extraordinary.

It makes the whole thing very personal when you see a military father standing over his son’s grave as the President of the United States places flowers on it.

Second Lt. Robert Kelly was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan. Not only was he serving in the finest tradition of our nation and of the Marine Corps, he also honored his father by continuing the family’s tradition of military service.

The vast majority of those who enjoyed a great barbecue and good times with family and friends this Memorial Day should never forget that there are those who paid the ultimate price that the rest of us might live free.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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