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BRUTAL: The Trump Effect Has CRIPPLED This Major News Network…Is It All Over?!

The American people have spoken, and not just about who’s the best leader of the free world, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, Americans have been steadily shifting gears on their media choices over the last few months. And the shift began well before CNN ran with an entirely fake news story that further crippled the company’s reputation (if that’s even possible).

CNN used to be a contender in the cable market. In fact, it used to be the bigwig; it was widely seen as the most reliable and timely source of news on the planet.

But those days are gone, it seems.

“Multiple articles published on various online news sources have cited data by Nielsen Media Research to show that following the 2016 election, Fox News has seen a significant boost in viewership. The data shows that while Fox News has experienced a significant and sustained post-election increase in viewership, its primary competitors, MSNBC and CNN, have suffered a significant drop in viewership,” Inquisitr reported.

Well isn’t that interesting.

The ratings freefall suffered by CNN and MSNBC is directly tied to the general election time frame, when thousands of Trump supporters said, with a single voice, we’ve had enough, no more mainstream media lies.

They skipped out on CNN and MSNBC as punishment for the not-so-thinly veiled biased reporting.

And the effect? Well, it’s pretty significant.

Fox’s average primetime viewership has tripled compared to CNN’s and MSNBC’s since election day. What’s even more significant is this: Chances are, the mainstream media won’t change a thing in Trump’s administration.

How do we know this? It was just days ago a CNN reporter publicly practically shouted down Trump during the president-elect’s first press conference since the election. His bosses at the network, meanwhile, stood steadfastly by him and refused to apologize.

Know what that means? That means the media’s not changing tactics any time soon. The good news is Trump’s not really a president-elect who minds taking down the elitists in news a notch or two, should the occasion warrant.

Source: Inquisitr


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